The Training Modules are self contained and consist of:

  • Compact Disc, Which explains in detail the material in each learning section.
  • Workbook, which gives a written summary of each learning section.
  • DVD, which illustrates various practical and industrial processes.

The course lasts 10-15 hours. It is broken into learning sections, each about 30 or 40 minutes long and each being introduced by a clear learning objective.

The Modules contain a Self Assessment Questionnaire at the end of each section (to check understanding) and two Computer Marked Assessments. CABATEC completes the marking of these and organises feedback and the issue of the Certificate on successful completion.

Study can be carried out individually (at home or at work) or in a group, and the only educational requirement is a knowledge of spoken and written English, and reasonable numeracy.

The Modules are extremely user friendly, and suitable for most Manufacturing disciplines and levels.


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